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Thank you for visiting Hitachi Construction Machinery Trading Co., Ltd. (HCT).

A trading company within the Hitachi Construction Machinery Group, HCT supplies users around the world not only with construction machinery but also with a wide variety of attachment products located through our unparalleled worldwide procurement network. In recent years, HCT has vigorously expanded its operations into sales of used construction machinery. In addition to handling individual business, we are actively involved in large-scale auctions held in spring, summer and autumn each year, as well as in monthly auctions conducted via the Internet.

Due to forward to these diverse activities, HCT has gained an enviable reputation with customers all over the world for providing high-quality, high-cost-performance products. To keep abreast of our customers' ever-evolving needs, HCT develops further opportunities for supplying various products by expanding its domestic and overseas networks. Through speedy purchasing and resale of used machines, scrupulous after-sales service, and provision of new attachment products, HCT is playing a key role in shaping the new century of construction machinery business for a global clientele.

Whatever your objective in the area of construction machinery, you can count on.
Hitachi Construction Machinery Trading to keep on making it possible.

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